30 May

Creating a simple Automator workflow

Just to get you going, here’s a movie we created to show how to set up a simple Automator action using some of the Illustrator actions provided by Ai Actions.

We create a workflow to do all of the following in one go:

  • Open an Adobe Illustrator artwork
  • Outline all the text (convert to paths)
  • Embed any linked images
  • Close the artwork
  • Make a new email with the resulting file

    Once created, you can use the workflow over and over again. You can concentrate on the creative stuff instead of the mundane donkey-work.

    Click here to view movie

  • 30 May

    Ghostotter is live!

    Today’s the day – our site is finally live. We’ll be updating this blog with news about new products, how to guides and general things we think you might find interesting so please check back often!

    More later.