16 Jun

Free promo codes for Fonty

Just a quick note to let you know that we just posted some free download codes for our font search app Fonty over at Macrumors here:


About Fonty…
Fonty is an app to help you choose the a font (installed on your Mac) with the character support you need.

For example, imagine you’re creating a document with text in English, Russian and Polish. It also needs to have the symbol for the Yen currency. You want to know which fonts you have which will support all the required characters. Fonty can tell you! Simply tick the characters sets and you’ll be shown all the appropriate fonts.

Use the built in character sets or create your own

Fonty ships with character sets for some popular languages and some symbols. However, you don’t have to search by language support. Fonty’s real strength is that you can create your own character sets (in File>Preferences) and use them to search your fonts. For example, you might want to search for fonts that support braille or musical symbols etc. No problem, just create a character set and you’re in business.

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