30 Jul

We’re launching Priority Support Subscriptions!

All users get free support for Ghostotter products. However, we understand that our software is business-critical for some users and they need a faster support response than other users.

If that sounds like you then you might want to consider purchasing a priority support subscription (PSS). A PSS enhances the support options for your product with the following benefits:

A faster response
We always try to respond to support requests as quickly as possible. However, some users need a super-fast response. With a PSS, we will respond to your support request within 1 working day. (Normal response time is within 3 days).

A dedicated support contact
You will have a dedicated member of the Ghostotter development team who will be your first point of contact should you need help. NB. Contact will be via email and in English.

Priority support
Support requests from users with a PSS will be dealt with ahead of other support requests.

Priority development requests
Development requests (e.g. new feature requests) from users with a PSS will be prioritised ahead of other development requests. Be aware that not all development requests will be accepted.

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02 Aug

Volume purchasing of software

Apple Volume Purchasing Plan

If you want to purchase software from Ghostotter e.g. Barcode Basics, Ai Auto Save etc on behalf of a business or organisation then here’s a tip. We’re hooked up with Apple’s Mac App Store, so you can take advantage of Apple’s Volume Purchasing Plan. The Volume Purchasing Plan makes it easier to purchase and distribute software in bulk for your organisation.

At the time of writing, the Volume Purchasing Plan is available in the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom, United States.

Of course, you can still purchase individual copies of our software from the Mac App Store in the usual way if you prefer.

More info on Apple’s Volume Purchasing Plan

12 Mar

Mac App Store back online


A number of users pointed out that yesterday (11th March 2015) they were unable to buy our products on the Mac App Store. This was because of an issue at Apple’s end and so was completely beyond our control. Luckily, the Mac App Store is now back online so if you were one of the unlucky few yesterday, please try again today. Apologies for the inconvenience.

As a reminder, our products are:

Barcode Basics – Barcode generation

Ai Actions – Automator actions for controlling Adobe Illustrator

OnScreen Barcode Scanner – Scans barcodes from your Mac’s screen

Script Backgrounder – Make AppleScript Applets run in the background

Stopwatch Basics – A simple stopwatch app

PDF Basics – A simple PDF viewer with the ability to combine pdfs, extract pages and extract text.

05 Sep

We are 1 year old!


Ghostotter Software was first dreamt up on a long car journey from East Yorkshire to the Isle of Mull exactly a year today.

In that year, we’ve launched a successful barcode maker, Barcode Basics, a suite of Illustrator automation actions and Ai Auto Save – an automatic file saving app for Illustrator. So far so good, and we have more in the pipeline, so watch this space!

To celebrate our first birthday, we’ll be selling Ai Actions for half price for a week (ending 12th September 2014). That’s down from $11.99 to $5.99 (or approximate local equivilents). Ai Actions adds the ability to automate Adobe Illustrator using Apple’s Automator so you can create workflows and apps to carry out tasks for you without having to know any AppleScript or complex programming.

Get it while it’s cheap! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ai-actions/id834871699?mt=12

28 Aug

Get 25% off Mac App Store products

Mac App Store

If you’re thinking of buying yourself some software from the Mac App Store then it might be worth taking a look at this offer from PayPal:


Basically, you can get up to 25% off by using a gift card. Its fine to buy a gift card for yourself, of course!

The offer is valid for all Ghostotter products including:

Barcode Basics – Mac OS X barcode creator
Ai Auto Save – Auto-save for Adobe Illustrator
Ai Actions – Automator actions for Adobe Illustrator

The offer ends on Thursday 28 August 2014 at 11:59 pm BST, and (as far as we can tell) it’s UK only.

12 Aug

Birthday Treats

It’s my birthday tomorrow so if you’re in my office then you’ll be getting doughnuts. For the rest of you, we’ll be selling our three most popular products to half price for 24 hours only… starting now! That means:

Barcode Basics
Our best selling barcode creator is reduced from $9.99 to $4.99

Ai Auto Save
Automatic saving for Adobe Illustrator, reduced from $4.99 to $1.99

Ai Actions
Automator Actions for Adobe Illustrator, reduced from $11.99 to $5.99

– Rob Stott, Ghostotter Founder