18 Oct

Need a macOS Catalina compatible alternative to Softmatic BarcodePlus?

Have you noticed that Softmatic’s BarcodePlus app on macOS does not currently support the latest version of macOS (Catalina)? Furthermore, Softmatic says that no further updates for macOS are planned.

If Softmatic BarcodePlus on macOS was an important part of your workflow then don’t panic, we have your back!

Barcode Basics from Ghostotter is fully Catalina compatible, available now… and cheaper. It’s also code-signed and notarised by Apple so you can be sure it doesn’t contain any hidden nasties.

softmatic BarcodePlus

So, why pick Barcode Basics?

  • Competitive price
  • Wide range of codes and output formats
  • Compatible with macOS Catalina
  • Over 2500 active users
  • Under continuous, active development since 2013
  • Includes Automator actions
  • Dark mode support
  • There’s no need to hang around waiting to go to Catalina – switch to Barcode Basics today! More info about Barcode Basics

    Link to Mac App Store to purchase Barcode Basics - Mac barcode software

    25 Sep

    Is your Barcode app ready for 64 bit?

    Recently, we’ve had a few questions about 64-bit apps and also code signing. It seemed sensible to talk about them here, rather than keep repeating the same message!

    64-bit applications

    A number of users have asked whether our macOS barcode app, Barcode Basics is a 64-bit app. The short answer, is “yes”. But why does is matter? Well, all modern Macs have 64-bit processors. This means that apps designed to run on 64-bit processors will generally run faster and better than apps designed to run on the old legacy 32bit processors. So, why are people suddenly asking?

    macOS displays this message if you try to run 32bit apps

    Apple has been supporting both types of apps for quite some time, but has now announced that its current macOS (Mojave) will be the last to support 32-bit technology.

    So it’s a good time to check that the apps you rely on are 64-bit, otherwise you may find yourself without them on the next major macOS release. To check whether an app is 64-bit or not, you could either contact the developer or follow these steps:

  • From the Apple Menu, select “About this Mac”
  • Click the “System Report” button
  • From the system report, scroll down to “Software” in the left hand sidebar, then click “Applications”
  • Select the Application you’re interested in and you will see a field called “64-bit (Intel)”
  • If you see “Yes” in the “64-bit (Intel)” field then the selected app wasdesigned for 64 bit.
  • More about 64-bit here: Apple info on 32-bit/64-bit app compatibility

    Code Signing

    We also sometimes get asked about code signing. Code signing assures you that an app is from a known source and hasn’t been tampered with since it was signed. Logically, if an app isn’t code signed then you can’t be certain where it came from or that something malicious hasn’t been done to is since it was created – a popular way of introducing malware.

    All apps purchased direct from the Mac App Store are code-signed (Apple simply rejects them if they’re not). However, apps from other sources (e.g. downloaded from websites) may or may not be code signed.

    Apps which are not code signed can still run on macOS, although you may get a warning when you try to run them, depending on your security settings. If this happens, you should think carefully about whether you trust the source of the app and whether you’re comfortable with the risks of running unsigned code.

    More about code signing here: Apple info about code signing


    Barcode Basics is 64-bit compatible and fully code signed so you can be sure it will continue to work in the next macOS, and that it hasn’t been maliciously changed since it was signed by us. Here’s a comparison between Barcode Basics and it’s competitors:

    App Name64-bitCode SignedPrice Per User
    Barcode Basics






    Agamick Barcoder



    $97 - $195 (depending on functionality)
    Barcode X



    Barcode Producer






    Data correct at October 2018. Some prices shown were converted to USD using exchange rates at time of writing.

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