How to identify common barcode types


Sometimes you may be asked to recreate a barcode. You’re given a picture of a barcode and told, “Make one like that, but with a different number…”. So you fire up your trusty barcode generator but then realise you don’t know what type of barcode it is. Is it an EAN13 or a UPC-A? Or maybe a Code 39?

You could try every barcode type one by one in the hopes that one looks sort of right. However, that’s time consuming and annoying. Luckily, if you know what to look for then it’s easy to identify some of the more common types of barcode just by sight. Here’s a free guide to help you the next time you need to turn barcode detective.

Click here to download your free guide

Click here to download your free guide

And remember, if you need to create a barcode on Mac OS X then Barcode Basics supports all the barcode types in our guide and many, many more!