AI ACTIONS – Automator Actions for Illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator automation for the rest of us

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Ai Actions adds many useful Illustrator actions for use within Apple’s Automator. Used in combination with each other, or with actions provided by other applications, you can create workflows to automate time consuming or repetitive tasks on Mac OS X. These workflows can then be run whenever needed so you can concentrate on the creative side whilst you let your workflows do the donkey work.

Ai Actions includes Illustrator automator actions to open documents, outline text, export/save as, change text contents, create shapes, collect or embed images and much more. For a full list, take a look at it’s App Store page.

If you’re looking to save time on your artworks by using Automator then the Illustrator Automator Actions provided by Ai Actions are sure to help you!

Illustrator Actions for Automator, Automator Actions, Automator Illustrator Actions

Interested in a demo version of AI Actions? Click here for info!