AI AUTO SAVE – Illustrator Auto-Save

Illustrator auto-save

At last! Adobe Illustrator
Autosave is here!


Ai Auto Save lives unobtrusively in your Mac’s menu bar. You can get on with your work and forget about slavishly hitting Command-S every ten minutes.

Prevents lost work

Ai Auto Save auto-saves open Illustrator documents, preventing lost work should Illustrator unexpectedly quit or crash. It has the sense to only save documents that have been modified.


Ai Auto Save is available via the Apple App Store which means it has been validated by Apple. You can be sure it’s safe to use and isn’t doing anything malicious behind the scenes.

More info…

If, like us, you’ve every lost work through Illustrator quitting when you’ve forgotten to save, then Ai Auto Save is the app for you. You can set it to check for unsaved, modified documents* on an interval that suits you (1-60 minutes). No more cursing the lack of a built-in Illustrator Autosave feature!

Top Tip: To be extra safe, add Ai Auto Save to your Login Items (System preferences > Users & groups > Your Name) to make sure it starts up automatically every time you log in to your Mac.

Ai Auto Save is available from the Mac App Store. Click the link below for more info and to get your copy.


Auto-save for Illustrator

* Be aware that your Illustrator document must exist on disk to be saved.