11 Jun

New Illustrator Automator Actions

Illustrator Automator Actions

Our Illustrator Automator Action pack, Ai Actions has only been out for a little while now but already we’re thinking about the next version and wondering what actions people would like to see added to it. Of course, we’ve got a few ideas of our own but rather than try to second guess what people want, we thought we’d just ask! So with that in mind, it’d be great if you’d take a look at our survey and let us know what you think. There’s only the one question so it won’t take you long!

Click here to complete the survey

For the uninitiated, Adobe Illustrator does not provide any actions for use within Apple’s rather handy Automator app. Luckily, Ai Actions provides you with a set of custom made Illustrator Automator Actions. You can use them to create your own workflows. You don’t need any scripting or coding knowledge to use them, just the ability to drag and drop! You can use your workflows again and again to save yourself time on the drudge work, leaving you free to concentrate on being creative.

Ai Actions currently includes the following Automator Actions:

• Open document(s)
• Close documents
• Convert text to paths (outlines)
• Delete empty text frames
• Export as JPEG
• Embed linked images
• Get document names
• Get documents
• Get linked images
• Make ellipse/circle
• Make new document
• Make new layer
• Make new rectangle
• Place images (Batch)
• Save document as EPS
• Save document as PDF
• Save as
• Set text frame contents

Apart from the survey, we’re always interested in feedback and comments from users and prospective users. Feel free to talk to us about Ai Actions’ Illustrator Automator Actions or any other of our products via our support page.