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Fonty: The font repertoire checker for macOS

Fonty - the Font repertoire checker for Mac OS X

Choose the right font

Use Fonty to find fonts on your Mac that have the right character set for the job. e.g. Russian characters, mathematical symbols, a particular set of currency symbols etc.

Custom character sets

Use the built-in characters sets which cover some common languages and characters or create your own as necessary.

Makes choosing the right font a breeze

No more hunting for the font that supports the characters you need. Let Fonty deal with that!

More info…

Fonty is an invaluable tool for anyone working with multiple languages. Whether you’re a digital typesetter, graphic designer or translator, Fonty can save you headaches by helping you choose the right font for the job.

Fonty scans the fonts installed in your Mac and checks shows which ones contain one or more character set of your choosing. For example, maybe you need to choose a font that contains the Euro currency symbol and also supports Cyrillic (Russian) characters. Or a font that supports the Greek and Kazakh alphabet. Fonty can help you do this! Either use the supplied character sets or create your own and Fonty will show you the fonts you can use.

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