PAGES AUTOMATOR ACTIONS – Create Automator workflows for Pages

Automator actions for Apple’s Pages

Easy to use

Automate Pages by dragging and dropping actions in Automator. No technical knowledge needed – if you can drag and drop then you can make a workflow, app or service using our actions.

Save Time

Use your workflows to automate time consuming or repetitive tasks to allow yourself to concentrate on the fun ones! Export PDFs, make PDFs, find and replace text, and more!

Integrate with other apps

Use with actions provided by other apps (e.g. Mail, Finder) to create powerful workflows. e.g. Export Pages documents as PDFs, email them for approval and save a copy locally all with a single click.

We’re pleased to announce a new tool to help you integrate Apple’s Pages app into your Automator workflows. Pages Automator Actions allows you to create workflows, apps, droplets and services to make those repetitive, time consuming tasks a breeze.

Whether it’s batch converting documents to ePubs or PDFs, or finding and replacing text in the body text of a collection of documents, the handy actions can save you time and effort.

Of course, since Pages Automator Actions is designed to work with Automator, no knowledge of AppleScript or any other type of coding is necessary. If you can drag and drop then the rest is easy.

Included actions are:

• Open document(s)
• Close document(s)
• Export as ePub
• Export as PDF (with optional password protection)
• Export as formatted text (rtf)
• Export as unformatted text (txt)
• Export as MS Word (doc)
• Find and replace text (body text of word processing documents only)
• Make new document
• Save document(s)

Why not get your copy today and start automating Pages the easy way, for only $14.50*

* or near local currency equivalent