29 Jul

Pharmacode support added to Barcode Basics

Our popular Mac barcode maker, Barcode Basics is now at version 2.4. This version sees the addition of five new pharmacies. These are codes used by the pharmaceutical industry, mostly on packaging. The new codes include the global standard Laetus code which is used in most countries worldwide, plus codes for countries who have their own national standards (PZN codes for Germany and Italian Pharmacodes). The full list is as follows:

New pharmacodes supported

Pharmacode (Laetus)
This is the barcode standard used in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide, with a few exceptions. It stores numeric digits only from 3 to 131070.

Two-track Pharmacode
A variant of the Pharmacode

PZN7 and PZN8
Germany has its own barcode standard for pharmaceuticals, the catchily named “Pharmazentralnummer”, or PZN for short. PZN8 codes replaced PZN7 codes some time ago. Odds are you won’t need PZN7 however, we’ve included it for the sake of completeness.

Italian Pharmacode

Italy also has its own barcode standard for pharmaceutical labelling. It is based on the Code 32 barcode symbology. It is preceded by the letter “A” in the text below the code although the “A” is not encoded in the bars. That’s to say, you don’t need to enter the letter A as part of your code number in Barcode Basics. It will be added automatically.

pharmacode examples

Click the above image to download a PDF sample of pharmacode produced by Barcode Basics. Click on the Mac App Store link below to purchase your copy.

Barcode Basics - Mac pharmacode creator