07 Jul

Let us make you more efficient!


If you don’t see the Ghostotter product you need, why not hire us to make it for you? We’re available for small to medium sized custom development on Mac OS X.

We specialise in building software to save time and simplify things in the graphic design and packaging industries. Whether it’s a Mac OS X application, custom AppleScript or shell script then we can help.

Past projects include:

  • Custom OS X apps and utilities
  • Custom Automator actions
  • Custom shell scripts for image processing
  • AppleScripts to gather linked images from Illustrator files
  • Merging XML files with Illustrator/InDesign templates to create artworks
  • AppleScripting the Adobe CS suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat)

    If you could use our help, contact us via our support page: https://www.ghostotter.com/support/