18 Oct

Need a macOS Catalina compatible alternative to Softmatic BarcodePlus?

Have you noticed that Softmatic’s BarcodePlus app on macOS does not currently support the latest version of macOS (Catalina)? Furthermore, Softmatic says that no further updates for macOS are planned.

If Softmatic BarcodePlus on macOS was an important part of your workflow then don’t panic, we have your back!

Barcode Basics from Ghostotter is fully Catalina compatible, available now… and cheaper. It’s also code-signed and notarised by Apple so you can be sure it doesn’t contain any hidden nasties.

softmatic BarcodePlus

So, why pick Barcode Basics?

  • Competitive price
  • Wide range of codes and output formats
  • Compatible with macOS Catalina
  • Over 2500 active users
  • Under continuous, active development since 2013
  • Includes Automator actions
  • Dark mode support
  • There’s no need to hang around waiting to go to Catalina – switch to Barcode Basics today! More info about Barcode Basics

    Link to Mac App Store to purchase Barcode Basics - Mac barcode software